As much as I love the city, the country side started to grow on me as well. My husbands family has a little cabin in the woods and we love to go there. This time we invited our friends and their kids as well. All the littles love it there and seeing them run wild makes my heart smile. Every time we spend time at the cabin I feel so… free… or something like that. I can’t really explain, but I always return home more relaxed and happy (and I am not unhappy when I arrive). This time I also felt that this whole social media world is just a little part of my life. People only see what they see on Instagram and that is why I decided to write some other kind of blogposts. Posts where I try to write about what makes my world go round. My family will always be my number one priority, but my friends… oh boy, they sure are important too.

While our offsprings are doing their thing we talk about our lives, or just have conversations about how the moon shines so brightly, where we are going on our next holiday, our dreams (even if that dream is a pair of new shoes, ha), which floor we will choose for our next renovation project (more about that soon), …

There is no wifi in the woods, no television, it is just us, the trees, the mosquitos unfortunately (thank you mosquito reppelent), the sun, the moon and the river. We don’t take the Ipads with us and sit outside as much as we can.

The weird thing is, I do not like to hike or make long walks if it is not in a city, but oh boy, do I love the slow way of living over there. Waking up to the sound of the birds. Not thinking about what we are going to wear and we eat and drink whenever we feel like it. We just do as we feel, and as long as the kids are having fun, I am a happy camper (literally).

The cabin is outgrowing our friends weekends a bit… But as long as the weather is ok, our guests bring tents. Jules and Jeanne were so sad they had to sleep indoors as we don’t own a tent like our friends do.

I think we should invest in some proper camping gear so we can do this more often, because well,… City life, I love you, but you never make me feel all these feels…


Sandals Anna Pops | Dress Jeanne Melijoe | White skirt Liilu

Pictures taken with NIKON D7200 






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