Me-time. I don’t like those two words. Of course, we need time for ourselves now and then, but I find the words ‘ME TIME’ a bit overrated. I prefer to call it: spending time on my own.  I cherish those moments as they don’t come by that often, but when I have a few hours to myself I try to make the most of it. A couple of weeks ago I visited the new HOST Concept shop in Antwerp where I bought this amazing jeans (how cool are they with these pale pink LOLO booties) and Krida Fahlo sweater. I like to shop alone, drink a coffee (or two) while reading a good book. I try to just be whenever I am alone. That is not easy as my thoughts often float off to the ever growing to do list and the littles, but I truly try to just be in the moment with myself. The fun part about the HOST shop, is, if you ask me (and if you don’t, I will just say it), is that you can shop and have a coffee before or after in the same place, which buys me time and makes that I can spend more time with… Yeah, that’s right, just me.



IMG_0841Jeans and sweater HOST Concept | Booties LOLO | Bag YVETT|Sunnies Ray-Ban

Pictures taken with NIKON D7200 

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