‘Autumn’, it must be one of my favourite English words and above all, my favourite season. I love the colours, the smell and oh.. do I love the fashion, the layers, the knits… The only downside must be the rain and I can tell you, it rains a lot here in Belgium. That is why a raincoat is one of the best investments for your fall-wardrobe (and spring, and yes, summer too, because yeah.. the rain just loves Belgium).

The quote: ‘No rain can stop us’, is one we use a lot, unfortunately.  If rain was able to stop us from doing fun things, we would not come out of the house that much and as much as we love to spend time with the four of us indoors, watching a movie or just read and play, we do prefer to go outside. A dear friend of ours took a few family snaps on one of our little walks. We were fully prepared for rain, hence the raincoats, but the sun came out and treated us with a warm late summer afternoon.




Raincoats by Stutterheim

Rain boots by Bisgaard 

Pictures taken with NIKON D7200 

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