Mornings. You got to love them, or not.
Both Jeanne and I are no morning persons and I don’t have to tell you how difficult that can make our morning routine.

This morning was not a good one. I snoozed one time to much. Auch!
Jeanne was still fast asleep and I know that when I have to wake her, things can get ugly. I promised myself before I walked into her room that I would not loose my shit today. Not today. We were in a hurry, but I would keep my calm. I would try, really.

She slowly woke up and when I told her to get dressed she insisted on me helping her. Of course, papa helping her was NOT an option. Then she refused to eat, drink, put on her shoes, … and oh boy, she may be only four, but the drama is real. Sounds familiar?

The things we forgot (or didn’t feel like) yesterday and make our mornings go smoother is to prepare lunches and choosing what to wear before we go to bed. The only thing she doesn’t complain about wearing is this glitter outfit and leopard coat. She only gets mad when I ask her to take them off before bath/bed. *sigh
How do you make your mornings easy?

IMG_7267.JPG(sidenote: if you order for over 99,99 euro from the back to school collection at CKS you get a free lunchbox and enjoy a 10% discount with the code ‘isabelmjj’)

Outfits CKS
Shoes Bisgaard

Pictures taken with NIKON D7200 

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