It is sometimes easier said than done, but, it should not be. Just embrace what you have, do not be jealous because someone’s life might look more exciting. Create your own luck and live your life as YOU want it. Instagram and other social media are not making it any easier, I know. But remember, as much as it might look perfect on Instagram… I can assure you, it is not. Some people start to believe that the life that they create on Instagram is their real life, they only visit cool places where they can shoot a cute pic or meet the right crowd. I must say, I find that a bit sad. They are just squared shaped pictures, you know? Pictures. No hasthag reallife is truly real. It is not because you write it under a picture that it is. Everyone has their own shit. I do not share my shit, I mean my real shit. I just deal with it, in private, with my family and my dear friends (the real ones).
Be inspired by others, but do not resent them out of jealousy or start copying them because you want to have the life they are having. Be you, that is hard enough.

Talking about Instagram, I may have some things I want to say. I used to LOVE instagram. I got to know amazing people and gained a few friends for life too. We had like a community and then… it all changed. BAM. It started when I heared people gossiping about me, the blog, etc… (I mean, chill out, it is just a job). Then the unfollowing game began, follow, unfollow, … Well, I mean, you do not have to follow me, but if you unfollow, why still look at my feed/stories. Why just not follow if you want to see what I post, can someone please explain that to me. If someone I follow posts a picture I don’t like I don’t follow immediately. If after I while, I do not ‘feel’ the feed anymore I may unfollow, only thén I will unfollow. Then the algorithm changed and the people I loved following just didn’t show up in my feed anymore. So, Instagram now chooses what you see.  I must admit I thought about deleting it all a few times before, but the good things still win. I am all for change, we have to change things and evolve, but hey, why change something good.

And above all.. you already got everything you need, it’s what you think you need that drives you crazy.



Outfit kids Gray Label
Outfit Isabel Nathalie Vleeschouwer 
Name rings Lore Van Keer

Pictures taken with NIKON D7200 

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