FINALLY! We had to have a lot of patience, but then again, it was worth the wait, because I am deeply in love with one of the most little rooms in the house.

I thought it might be fun to show you the before pics as well…
Below you can see our old 80s bathroom. Which had its charm, I admit, but after 38 years, it had lived its best life.

As you can see, it is not a large space, and the brown and the beige did not make it look bigger, to say the least.

That is why we opted (like I said before in my inspo post) for the light colour of mortex on the walls and floor. You can choose mortex in all sorts of colours. SA Projects showed me their whole range, but as much as I liked the darker warmer colours, they would not have been a good match for this room.

I also cleaned up the window (it was covered with some kind of matted varnish) and found the perfect window treatment , which is equally classy as transparent enough to lighten up the small space with natural light. The Squid window foil is very easy to install. It took me 10 minutes and the result is even better than I hoped for.

With the help of one of our friends who is a plummer, my husband installed the bath tap and sinks taps and once they were finished it really looked like a bathroom! Those tabs are just a dream and so is the room.

And good news here too: they offer a 5 % discount on all SUB articles with the code ‘SUB-by-Isabel’ until Friday the 21st of December.

It looks just like I imagined it would be. The room looks so much bigger and I still feel like I am standing in someone else’s bathroom. In a good way.
That first bath was beyond. I lit up some candles and watched some netflix until my fingers really looked like old lady fingers.

Tabs and bath via BADKAMERWINKEL.BE
Walls and floor by SA PROJECTS
Window foil SQUID


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