I knooooow, the Summer Holidays just started, but Jeanne is super excited to start in the first grade in September. She can not wait to learn how to write, read, … and while she is walking around with her schoolbag every day, my heart breaks a little. Suddenly she’s not my baby anymore…

She wanted the same satchel (and pencil case) as me, and I can not blame her. My RUITERTASSEN bag and I have been inseperable for over more than 10 years. I bought mine when I started to teach and still use it, so I know the quality is beyond good. Ánd the design is timeless.

I did promise her she could pimp it with a cool keychain (read glitter and bright colours).

Satchel via RUITERTASSEN (english) or in € -> RUITERTASSEN

Pencil case via RUITERTASSEN

Wall unit KEWLOX

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