We spent the weekend at Efteling.

It must have been 30 years since I last went there and I loved to go back with the little fam bam to relive it all.

I am not the biggest dare devil (to say the least) so I also had to wait a lot while the others went crazy on most rides, but I did not mind at all! I did enjoy the somewhat ‘safer’ attractions and that is why I love this place so much. You can visit it with smaller kids or big kids (or parents) who are not fond of rollercoasters.

And the fairytales… oh my… Those are our all time favorite.

We stayed at Bosrijk which is very close to the park (we even get to go in an half hour earlier).

It is safe to say we had a blast.

Thank you Efteling and Visit Brabant.

If you want to see more: I highlighted all stories from our stay in my profile on instagram which you can check HERE.

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