Our favourite time of the day must be bath time. Just like her mama, Desiree LOVES to take a bath. She’s just like a little fish in the water and when her siblings join her the party is even bigger. But I do like to give her a bath when J & J are at school, really take our time and enjoy some one on one with that little munchkin.

It is normal that I only use natural skin products for the kids, as I also do for myself. I tried a few, but oh boy I was immediately hooked on all the NAÏF products. They smell HEAVENLY and above all are so soft to the skin/hair. The littles have a sensitive skin and NAÏF just does the job and leaves me with kids who smell like angels (wish it would made them act like angels at all times as well, ha!).

So for now, excuse me while I go sniff on my baby and hope she’ll always love our bath ritual (at least until she’s 12, right?).

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