I don’t know how, but my three kids love(d) to eat babywipes… As you all know we are big NAÏF enthusiasts and I was really curious about their plastic, perfume and alcohol free wipes so I ordered them a few weeks back. All 3 kids have a sensitive skin so perfume and alcohol are out of the question as I really want to protect their skin and bottoms. Not only is Desiree rash free now, she loves to eat (well lick) them, which is totally safe. They are made of 99% water so they are completely harmless. I always carry around baby wipes in my purse, babybag and I also have some in the car. First thing we do after I pick them up from school is wipe the kids’ faces and hands. Everybody’s happy and clean. Hands up for the NAÏF wipes.

Wipes and body lotion NAÏF

Bedding MarieMarie

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