After the last and busiest week of the (school)year we needed some down time. The main mister of the house had to work so I took the kids to see my parents at the seaside for a few days. We really needed some peace and quiet and just do nothing much except for hanging on the beach and an occasionally swim in the sea. Three days to recharge our (especially mine) batteries. We came back just in time for the weekend to spend time with papa. We love the beach, but we love to hang out with him even more. As the weather was treating us with warm temperatures we packed our picknick basket, jumped on our bikes and had a lovely little lunch with just the four us (and a bunch of hungry ducks).
I am so happy I get to spend two whole months with those little people, if only my husband could have more days off with us… BUT in two weeks we are going to the south of France with a few of our closest friends and we are literally counting the days until then (more about that trip is to come).
For those who are going on vacation as well: “BON VOYAGE”.



51314IMG_2790.JPGBon voyage shirts MY TRAVEL DREAMS | Shoes Jeanne BISGAARD | Skirt Jeanne FOURMONKEYS | Shoes Isabel ANNAPOPS 

Pictures taken with NIKON D7200 

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