shared bedroom

With baby on the way Jules and Jeanne wanted to share a room together. We found the perfect bunk bed here in town at Little Fashion Addict and added some colour with the Bisou de Lou garland and Gray Label duvet covers. With the code IsabelLFA10 you get 10% discount on Oeuf NYC furniture at […]

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beekse bergen

In september trokken we er nog eens op uit met ons viertjes. Bestemming: De Beekse Bergen. We vertrokken vroeg op zaterdagochtend en werden verwelkomd in ons huisje door zebra’s en giraffen die vrolijk in ‘onze tuin’ wandelden. Hoe heerlijk is dàt? Terwijl je aan je huisje buiten zit lopen de beesten heen en weer. Jeanne […]

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We spent the weekend at Efteling. It must have been 30 years since I last went there and I loved to go back with the little fam bam to relive it all. I am not the biggest dare devil (to say the least) so I also had to wait a lot while the others went […]

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